Nat Van Halle

Inspired by the ocean Nat Van Halle took to photography as a way of capturing the beauty of it and its surroundings.  

Born in Holland but grew up in the UK, Nat discovered her creative gypsy soul from a very young age, whilst travelling around the world alone, she bought a camera, and started shooting.  

Nat started to work in the film and TV industry , but after a surf trip to Hawaii something changed, so captivated by the power of the waves there, she decided to take focus on shooting photos in and under the water. The requirements and the challenges of shooting in the water added a whole new dimension to her photography. 

After this she went back to Hawaii, Australia, California, Canary Islands, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tahiti, South Africa, through Central America and residing in Fiji, immersing herself In the surf world  in the process. 

Nat now has made New Zealand her home and continues to work on films and shooting in and out of the water worldwide, where ever the next adventure takes her…

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